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Black Pearlescent Kitty

Black Pearlescent Kitty

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Did you hear about the one with the black lucky cat? This person is said to have adopted a black cat and every dream of them came true thereafter! The black cats are commonly believed to bring bad luck but it is super wrong. Every time you see this Black Pearlescent Cat, your luck will top up! I glazed him with iridescent paint to show how magical black cats actually are and the whiskers and the ears are painted with real gold. He will make a great addition to your cat family or as your cat's cat! If you do not have a cat, he'll be your first ever and keep you lucky forever! You may gift him to grant some luck to your loved ones too :)

All kitties at Statement Cats and hand-sculpted with white earthenware ceramics clay and hand-painted with ceramic glazes. Each cat is fired at least twice in the kiln at 1000°C degrees. Gold-accented and pearlescent kitties are fired for a third time. The gold luster used in the cats include real gold in them. Each item is unique and differ from one another. The kitties size approximately 6cm in height.

P.S. There might be little glaze imperfections which reflect the handmade quality of the cats and create even more uniqueness.

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