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Ghostie Ring and Necklace (as a set or separately)

Ghostie Ring and Necklace (as a set or separately)

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You love ghosties so much that you wanna carry them on you all the time? Do you just don't wanna feel lonely and be surrounded by your fellow spirits?Y Or you wanna shine in spooky gatherings like Halloween or while going to the movies to see a spooky film? Then this polymer clay jewelry set is so right for you! You can get them as a set or separately. 

This is a listing for a unique 100% handbuilt ghost jewelry made of polymer clay. With a unique story behind every one of them, each ghost makes a sweet reminder you can use, either for you or as a gift to a loved one to spread love. 

All Statement Ghosts are authentically designed, shaped, and handpainted by me. I am putting a lot of thought and effort into creating each ghostie from scratch. It takes quite a good amount of time and labor to turn a handful of shapeless clay into a beautiful piece. Much input is devoted from the start to the execution and finish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since every ghost is hand-sculpted and painted, there might be some imperfections with shape and the paint. They are happy little differences that make your item unique!

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