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Self-Embracing Ghostie

Self-Embracing Ghostie

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This is a high-fire stoneware ghostie made using melting glazes.

All Statement Ghosts are authentically designed, shaped, and handpainted by me. I am putting a lot of thought and effort into creating each ghostie from scratch. It takes quite a good amount of time and labor to turn a handful of shapeless clay into a beautiful piece. Much input is devoted from the start to the execution and finish.

After initial creation, each ghost is fired at least twice in the kiln. Real gold-accented ghosts are decorated with a brilliant glaze that contains REAL GOLD in it; they then go through a third round of kiln firing. 

The tree sizes approximately 5 cm in height. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since every ghost is hand-sculpted and painted, there might be some imperfections with shape and the glaze. They are happy little differences that make your item unique!

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