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Golden Angel Kitty

Golden Angel Kitty

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To me, all kitties in the world are little angels that are sent to brighten our lives. This Golden Angel Kitty is a representation of this idea and also reflects all kitties that crossed the rainbow bridge. We will meet them some time but until then, this kitty will help you cherish the place and importance of cats in our lives. She is super shiny with real gold accent and makes a perfect decor as well as a thoughtful handmade gift!

All kitties at Statement Cats and hand-sculpted with white earthenware ceramics clay and hand-painted with ceramic glazes. Each cat is fired at least twice in the kiln at 1000°C degrees. Gold-accented and pearlescent kitties are fired for a third time. The gold luster used in the cats include real gold in them. Each item is unique and differ from one another. The kitties size approximately 6cm in height.

P.S. There might be little glaze imperfections which reflect the handmade quality of the cats and create even more uniqueness.

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